Sheboygan County Quilters Guild

Sheboygan County Quilters Guild is an organization for people who love to quilt.

Upcoming Events

Download full program schedule, click here


July 10, 2019 

9AM-noon  Sit and Sew at Ebenezer

1PM  Jenny Harmeling Messer’s presentation “Jenny’s Journey – Nature Quilts“.  She will describe her journey from piecing quilts to designing art quilts and the different techniques she has learned and tried along her journey

August 14, 2019 7PM

Nancy Kunst Smith lecture:  “The History of Dolls and their  Quilts“.  How can we talk about doll quilts without talking about dolls and the little girls who love them?  This presentation presents the life of little girls from the past to the today, history of doll, and the quilts they wrapped their dolls in with love.  This PowerPoint and “Crib Turning” will leave you with a love of doll quilts and an appreciation of their significance.  Bring your doll and doll quilt from yesteryear for show and tell.

September 11, 2019

9AM-noon  Sit and Sew at Ebenezer

7PM Laura Wasilowski: “Art Quilts The Musical.

Join Laura in celebrating the life of a quilt artist. Listen to her                 adventures in quilt making and hear traditional art quilt folk songs like “Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime” and the “Minnesota Quilter’s Polka”. It is a quirky documentary featuring a display of her small art quilts and           many others songs from the “Chicago School of Fusing Bond Fire Songbook”.

*** October 9, 2019 6PM ***time change

Potluck and Slide Show Hospitality Committee is Friendship Club Beverages will be provided by the hospitality committee. Last names starting with A – M should bring a salads and desserts and N – Z should bring a main course.

November 13, 2019

9AM-noon  Sit and Sew at Ebenezer

1PM  Maribeth Schmitt Lecture: “Apron Strings:  Our Ties to the Past”. Featuring over 75 vintage  and contemporary aprons, we will cover the history of the apron from a utilitarian necessity to a fashion accessory.  We’ll talk about who wore aprons (you’d be surprised), what they were made from and how they   were embellished.  Bring your favorite apron and “apron stories” as we find our ties to the past.

*** December 11, 2019 6PM *** time change

Darryl Ottman from The Sewing Machine Shop will keep us up to date on what is new in sewing machines  and how we can take better care of the machines we already use with “Tips and Tricks, Do’s and Don’ts” .Christmas Social. Hospitality Committee for the social is Fabric Fanatics. Beverages will be provided by the hospitality committee. Each guild member is asked to bring 6 items of either a sweet or savory snack. A – L brings cookies and M – Z brings appetizers.



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