Sheboygan County Quilters Guild

Sheboygan County Quilters Guild is an organization for people who love to quilt.

Upcoming Programs

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January 8, 2020

9AM – 1PM Sit and Sew

1PM    Speaker: Dr. Brook Holmes lecture, “The Ergonomics of Quilting”. Brook Holmes, Doctor of Physical Therapy has been a PT for 24 years. She has been an adjunct professor at Concordia University of WI since 2008. Dr. Holmes grew up with quilts made by her grandmas and a talented seamstress for a mom. She began quilting in 2005 when her first child was born and was quickly hooked. Many quilts later, the physical challenges of sewing and quilting are obvious. Her presentation will address those body challenges and strategies to address them.

February 12, 2020

7Pm  Lecture by Maureen Laber from My Material Matters Quilt Shop in Theinsville, WI. We will learn about a full line of quilting notions and how to achieve a successful outcome while you’re sewing your project together. Bring questions and she will do her best to answer with a helpful tip or trick. Give several of the products a try and evaluate your quilting supplies with confidence that you’ve chosen the right tool for you and your project. Bring your favorite tool to learn how to use it best or that tool that you don’t know what it does and Maureen can help figure it out. Quilt smarter, not harder.
Maureen will also be vending to save us a trip in this snowy, cold weather.

March 11, 2020

9AM – 1PM Sit and Sew

1PM  Lecture by Sandy Melroy, “Silk Sensations-The Creation of Hand painted Silk in Wearable and Decorative Textile Art”. Sandy Melroy, a textile designer and painter, will bring her enthusiasm for painting on silk to share with our Sheboygan Guild. Sandy’s background in teaching textile arts led her to create a business based on painting silk. She incorporates hand painted silk into her custom line of wearable art ( scarves, vests, jackets, purses) and also in her love of art for the home — decorative art quilts , framed silk art, pillows, table runners, etc). Sandy will share the process, supplies and methods of painting on silk, and also offer our guild members a trunk show of her wearable and decorative silk art. Get ready – you might even want to try your hand at the ‘try it for yourself’ table! She will bring her trunk show and will also vend.

April 8, 2020

7PM  Lecture by Karen Ann Hoffman. Karen Ann Hoffman is Oneida; raised in Milwaukee, she now lives in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Karen Ann studied Iroquois raised beadwork intensively with Samuel Thomas and Lorna Hill and has become a respected teacher in her own right. Her own artwork has been shown nationally and is represented in many museum collections, and she is an active advocate for Native arts. She holds a Masters in Human Development with an emphasis on cultural identity, and serves on the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Curatorial Committee of the Scarabocchio Art Museum in Stevens Point. Karen Ann creates beautiful decorative pieces following the traditions of Iroquois raised beadwork.

May 13, 2020

9AM – 1PM  Sit and Sew

1PM  Speaker: Lecture by Donna Mather, “Introduction to Judy Niemeyer Quilting”. Within the lecture Donna will go over not only what it is but some of the tips and techniques required to be successful in foundation paper piecing the Judy Niemeyer way. Trunk show includes 26-30 Judy Niemeyer quilts.
Donna’s love for precision is what initially attracted her to paper piecing. Converting template and traditional patterns to paper pieced patterns also grabbed her attention. Then, Judy Niemeyer came into focus. She gravitated towards her beautiful and challenging patterns. Judy Niemeyer raised her paper piecing world up to a whole new level, which later included becoming certified to teach the Niemeyer methods.

June 10, 2020

7 PM  Lecture by Diane Murtha, Modern Quilter, entitled “Challenges – Accept the Challenge & Win a Prize”.
An informative and humorous perspective on her quilt challenge experiences, including a trunk and slide show. Diane’s quilting adventure has been long and varied, including delusions of grandeur, some epic fails, a few triumphs, many “good enoughs” and most importantly, increasingly satisfying results. The stories that go along with her quilts are equal to the warmth and smiles they bring. She’ll discuss what she has learned from the various challenges, other ways to challenge yourself and sources of inspiration. And most importantly how challenges can expand your quilting skills and inspire all your quilting! Diane has two articles published in current issues of two different quilting magazines: The “Last Word” essay in Quilting Arts, Dec/Jan issue and a quilt with story featured as “The Last Page” of Art Quilting Studio, Winter 2020 issue